Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Behind the Silver Lining - The Art Show

Behind the Silver Lining was great! Take a quick Video walkthrough that includes the work of my co-artists, Tony Ferraiolo and Lorraine Hurley.

Here's a closer look at my part of the show:

This is about two thirds of my space. The pieces on the left are small collages, and on the right, my Inner Geologies series, shown in more detail below.
Yours truly with my recent gel monoprints
Gel plate monoprints, up closer

More gel plate monoprints
My Inner Geologies series, 3 of 6

My Inner Geologies series, the other 3
Self portraits
We had a well-attended and fun reception, too! I didn't manage to take any pictures of it, but hopefully soon I'll have some to post from friends.


Jane Davies said...

Fantastic, Cathy! This is a gorgeous display, and, of course, beautiful work. Thanks for posting.

Cathy Farrell said...

Thanks, Jane!

Roberta said...

Your work is lovely Cathy. I am so honored that you are enjoying the cards!

Cathy Farrell said...

Thank you, Roberta!