Monday, April 26, 2010

Foggy Night (2010)

This is a press-made print from two plates - one is a collograph (the mesh marks) and the other is carborundum (the swirls). From my winter printmaking class.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Belle's Bits & Pieces

A family friend is posting her beautiful scrap pages and other crafts on her blog Belle's Bits & Pieces - check it out at

Chunky Lily woodcut (2010)

In my printmaking class over the winter, I tried my hand at a woodcut, basing it on a brush and ink drawing I made last summer. These are hand-made prints of it on rice paper.

Daisy Head With Pods linocut (2010)

I took a brief printmaking class this winter and had fun learning linoleum and woodcutting. These are press-made prints on BFK Reves paper from a linoleum cut based on a drawing of mine by the same name.

Daisy Head With Pods drawing (2010)

I love drawing plants! Bamboo pen and india ink on heayweight textured paper.