Friday, August 31, 2007

Vals Garden (2004)

Colored pencil on blue paper

Randy and I have a big yard and no inclination to garden. Our friend Val has a big love of gardening and no yard. For several years now, we've had a lovely arrangement.

Besides being an avid gardener, Val is a licensed massage therapist. Check out her website:

Mother of Lights (2004)

Colored pencil on blue paper, digitally modified

Four Seasons (2003)

Colored pencil on colored paper, digitally modified

Moonwind (2003)

A meditation on creativity and the life force

Colorburst (2003)

Pastel, digitally modified

Swimming To The Other Side (2002)

Crayon, digitally modified color

Inspired by the song of the same name by singer/songwriter Pat Humphries. Check out this NPR story about the song:

Addendum 1/17/2010:
Pat Humphries and Sandy O are the singing duo Emma's Revolution:
We enjoyed their performance last night at UUCGB!