Sunday, October 14, 2012

Farewell CWOS 2012

What a fun show it was! Lots of visitors, family, and friends came, among them my fabulous teacher Jane Davies of Vermont, who happened to be presenting a workshop in the area and drove over from Guilford to see the show!

Yours truly with Jane
My wall of abstracts
Working Large #1 - Tuning In
Color studies
Two more color studies and a color-wash-line painting
Shape studies
Working large #2 - Mooncircles
Self-portrait series


Cazamataz said...

This is fantastic Cathy x

Cathy Farrell said...

Thanks, Caz, so glad you visited!

john said...

How exciting to have your work on display. You have been busy. Congratulations!

Cathy Farrell said...

Thank you, John!

john said...

Hi Cathy. I see you left a message on the postcard exchange. I am going to do that too. Are you taking any Jane classes?