Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Composition Class - Abstract Landscape Lesson

For lesson 2 of the composition class I'm currently taking, we started our abstract landscape lesson with a warm up exercise, and followed these with abstract landscape studies. Here's my work - 6 warm ups followed by 3 landscapes. The one on the right is still a work in progress.


Julie-Anne McDonald said...

Hi Cathy,

You certainly have had a lot of Jane Davies classes and the results look great. I love the last collage. Jane did one like that too. I hope you both will share with the Sketchbook class how to do that. Obviously you are digitally creative.

Cathy Farrell said...

Thanks, Julie-Anne! If you have the opportunity to take the composition class, I bet you will love it. For that last collage, I had those paper scraps on hand and I didn't do much to change them - I'm glad you like it :-)